Healthcare professionals

The provision of excellent education and training for a comprehensive range of healthcare professionals, researchers and support staff is one of our core ambitions.Clinicians

This is important to ensure that our workforce remains adequately skilled and equipped to deliver improvements in care, in new roles and settings, and also for training and educating the next generation of academics and clinicians. Training our staff in research techniques and methodologies is also an important part of our research mission.

Nursing and midwifery

King’s Health Partners aim to deliver a world-class service to patients and service users.

We need a nursing and midwifery workforce with the right skills, attitudes and knowledge, driving high quality care for patients backed up by nurse/midwife-led academic research.

Being part of an Academic Health Sciences Centre provides you with a wealth of opportunities to develop your career. 

There are a number of potential career pathways for nurses looking to take the next step.

The four career pathways are:

  • Clinical Specialist. A Clinical Specialist's role typically involves clinical practice in a specialist area and is usually at least educated to degree level. This role involves applying considerable clinical experience and knowledge to plan and manage patients’ care whilst supporting patients and their families. A Clinical Specialist will use knowledge and insight from their experience working with patients to lead on and get involved in service redesign through audit, service evaluation and research, as well as teaching.
  • Educator. An Educator role involves formulating and delivering an education programme as well as working alongside clinical staff to teach skills and undertake assessments. The role can include practice development and teaching, educating and supervising staff. An Educator might also teach outside the Trust where they work. An Educator will be a graduate and most likely hold a post-graduate qualification together with a sound clinical background in their speciality area.
  • Researcher. A Researcher will devote significant time undertaking research to inform evidence based practice for clinical staff, and may be engaged in clinical trials. These posts are sometimes associated with a clinical academic career. Some researchers are based in university settings rather than within healthcare organisations.
  • Clinical Leader / Manager. A Clinical Leader/Manager focuses on improving the quality and safety of care for patients by helping to develop service delivery plans whilst working with staff in a multidisciplinary, multi-agency team that includes patients and service users. They have an awareness of the resources available and using their influence to ensure that resources are used efficiently and safely, and reflect the diversity of needs. Leader/managers also manage staff by providing direction, reviewing performance, motivating others, and promoting equality and diversity.

The good news is that much of the training and work experience you can have while in a Band 5 or Band 6 role is easily transferable – so you can keep your options open and make a decision when the time is right for you about what role you ultimately want.

70@70: The NIHR Senior Nurse and Midwife Research Leader Programme

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has recognised the huge, and as yet untapped, potential contribution of senior nurses and midwives to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). In response to this, NIHR has introduced ‘70@70: The NIHR Senior Nurse and Midwife Research Leader Programme’.

The programme is aimed at Senior Nurse/Midwife clinical leaders with demonstrable experience of building a research-led care environment for patients, and who have a record of developing existing practice, working within and contributing to a research rich environment. For further information, please visit the website and send any queries to

Learning resources

We have produced a wide range of quality assured education materials for our workforce, students and community education provider networks for the King's Health Partners Learning Hub, our innovative e-learning platform. The novel suite of learning materials, developed under the guidance of the Clinical Academic Group (CAG) education and training leads and are all quality assured, is available for all staff and students.

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