Healthcare professionals

The provision of excellent education and training for a comprehensive range of healthcare professionals, researchers and support staff is one of our core ambitions.Clinicians

This is important to ensure that our workforce remains adequately skilled and equipped to deliver improvements in care, in new roles and settings, and also for training and educating the next generation of academics and clinicians. Training our staff in research techniques and methodologies is also an important part of our research mission.


Upgrade your career, read our full listing of continuing personal and professional development (CPPD) opportunities.

These are available to help achieve your goals, work in new and innovative ways and progress and develop your career.

Our portfolio is highly flexible to enable you to work and study at the same time. The range and
flexibility of courses on offer is designed to support high quality care within a variety of healthcare settings, the development of new roles and skills, to develop clinical leadership skills and an underpinning for clinical academic careers.

Our workshops and bespoke educational programmes cover a wide range of health-related
subjects in a variety of specialist areas. Our commitment to the advancement of leading-edge,
evidence-based practice is reflected throughout the teaching and learning process, enabling us to
remain at the pinnacle of 21st century healthcare education, training and consultancy.

Learning resources

We have produced a wide range of quality assured education materials for our workforce, students and community education provider networks for the KHP Learning Hub, our innovative e-learning platform. The novel suite of learning materials, developed under the guidance of the Clinical Academic Group (CAG) education and training leads and are all quality assured, is available for all staff and students, with over 50 resources currently available with another 40 in development.

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