Healthcare professionals at King’s Health Partners

Providing excellent education and training for a comprehensive range of healthcare professionals, researchers and support staff is one of our core ambitions.Clinicians

It is vital that our workforce remains adequately skilled and equipped to deliver improvements in care and also to train and educate the next generation of academics and clinicians.

Training our staff in research techniques and methodologies is also an important part of our research mission.

Staff Development Fund

The staff development fund helps eligible individuals meet the cost of personal development opportunities such as attending conferences or undertaking short courses. 

Anyone who is employed by one of the organisations which form King’s Health Partners can apply. Applications are invited from staff from all professional backgrounds.

Nursing and midwifery

King’s Health Partners aim to deliver a world-class service to patients and service users.

We need a nursing and midwifery workforce with the right skills, attitudes and knowledge, driving high quality care for patients backed up by nurse/midwife-led academic research.

Being part of an Academic Health Sciences Centre provides you with a wealth of opportunities to develop your career. 

Clinician Innovator Programme (CLIP­)

Our clinicians encounter a variety of clinical challenges and often develop innovative ideas to address them, but they may not always have the time or resources to prototype or evaluate their ideas in a low-cost way. Equally, our King’s College London biomedical engineers make the most of their expertise by working on real-world healthcare challenges and greatly benefit from practical experiences.

CLIP brings these two opportunities together by uniting King’s Health Partners’ clinicians and King’s College London engineers together to design, develop and deliver affordable and innovative technologies that aim to improve healthcare outcomes for the NHS.

How it works:

  • clinicians across King’s Health Partners share an unmet clinical need at a series of workshops.
  • the workshops take place over two days, each lasting 1.5 hours.
  • these workshops help the clinicians think through the clinical need, market size, and impact potential of potential solutions to these unmet clinical needs.
  • at the end of the workshop participants create a one-page project proposal based on the unmet clinical need.
  • the project proposals are made available to interdisciplinary teams from King’s College London who develop it as a group project.
  • students interested in working on the project proposal will be matched to the clinician who designed it to work in the team.
  • the team use the 5D framework – Discover; Define; Design; Develop; Deploy. This method is used to validate the problem statement – meaning one or two sentences to explain the problem you seek to address - and develop an original, implementable, affordable solution.
  • You may read some student experiences at the Med Tech Guru website.

Do you have an idea that you would like to share at a CLIP workshop?

Let us know. Please complete our Google Form detailing the clinical problem you are keen to solve using technology.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Co-Directors Prof Prashant Jha, Head of Affordable Medical Technologies at the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, Professor of Health Innovations, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, King’s College London at or Prof Anne Greenough, King’s Health Partners Director of Education and Training at

Safety ConnectionsSafety connections

The Safety Connections Network runs events and conferences which bring together staff and students from across King's Health Partners to share best practice and learn more about the latest developments in patient safety. Visit our events page to find out about any upcoming events. 

Read the Safety Connections 2018 slides

Learning resources

You can access a wide range of quality assured education materials for our workforce, students and community education provider networks on the King's Health Partners Learning Hub, our innovative e-learning platform. 

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