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Our international education and training portfolio 

King’s Health Partners offers open programmes and bespoke education and training opportunities in the widest range of subjects allied to medicine of any other London institution, including Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Medical Physics.

Our portfolio includes:

  • King’s College London awarded qualifications (Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate certificates, Postgraduate diplomas, Masters degrees, Doctorates)
  • Clinical experience (observerships, fellowships, attachments)
  • Educational and hospital management consultancy service to help organisations upskill their workforce and develop a strategy to acquire international standards.
  • Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), including:
    • short courses accredited by King’s College London and/or relevant Medical Royal College
    • non-accredited short courses
    • educational events and conferences

We provide bespoke solutions across education, training and consultancy, all built on clinical, education and training and research excellence.

To enquire about bespoke education and training opportunities tailored to your needs, please complete the King's Health Partners Education and Training enquiry form. Once completed, please send the form to KHP-internationaleducation AT

Our education and training programmes 

We offer:

  • 100% online education and training - Non-credit and credit-bearing short courses and modules
  • Residential programmes in the United Kingdom - Face-to-face academic and/or clinical training in London
  • Blended learning - Online education and training and residential programmes in the United Kingdom and abroad.

King’s Health Partners residential programmes include:

  • observerships
  • clinical placements
  • clinical placements with a non-credit-bearing short course
  • clinical placements with a King’s College London-accredited credit-bearing module
  • clinical placements with a King’s College London-accredited credit-bearing modules towards a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, or Master of Science.

Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Medical Training 

Our Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Advanced Medical Training is suitable for postgraduate medical trainees and provides an opportunity to acquire a King’s College London awarded qualification, developed in partnership with King's Health Partners, while undertaking clinical training at one of our partner NHS Foundation Trusts.

Download our PDF leaflet for more information.

Successful applicants will take a PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training in a particular medical specialty of choice, for example in Addiction Studies, Affective Disorders, Children’s Health, Clinical Neuroscience, Development Psychology and Psychopathology, Haematology, Neuroscience and Women's Health.

The PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training is King’s College London-awarded qualification and consists of two online modules: research skills (15 credits) and clinical leadership (15 credits) and a blended learning module in a medical specialty of choice (30 credits).

Successful applicants can combine the programme with clinical training at one of King’s Health Partners NHS Foundation Trusts in central London. For further details, including starting dates, enrolment fees, entry and visa requirements, please visit the King's College London website. 

Why King's Health Partners?Students e-learning

  • We are a global organisation with global impact
  • Our students, academic and clinical staff, come from across the world to train, study and work with us
  • We represent the largest centre for healthcare education in Europe
  • Our Clinical Academic Groups follow research pathways from fundamental scientific discovery and experimental medicine, through to clinical trials and health services research, to ensure that patients benefit from scientific and healthcare innovation
  • Our Mind & Body Programme, delivers excellent mental and physical healthcare, research and education, so that we treat the whole person

King’s Health Partners promotes internationally competitive standards of practice, education and research.

We believe our expertise across the partners can provide bespoke solutions for lasting international impact, long term partnerships and world class solutions. We also believe that we can be an organisation which rapidly adopts and progresses innovations that originate worldwide. Through our education and training expertise and commercial experience King’s Health partners will support your organisation in fulfilling its mission.
Professor Sir Robert Lechler, Executive Director, King’s Health Partners

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