Our vision

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of PatientCare_resultsmortality and premature death locally and nationally, accounting for 28% of all deaths in the UK. 

With some 3,000 deaths annually from CVD in south east London alone, more needs to be done to align the UK with best international outcomes and speed the adoption of new technologies and interventions to improve patient care. 

We believe patient outcomes for CVD greatly improve if there is a uniformly high standard of care across a wide geography, with complex hospital-based specialist treatments fully integrated with continuing care within the community. 

Our vision is to develop a Cardiovascular Institute and Network that will be recognised internationally for excellence in clinical practice and research. We will realign and integrate our cardiovascular services and research activities to create a new type of clinical academic network with a partnership between specialist centres and a wide range of other providers. This integration will significantly shorten the time taken to translate research into clinical practice to benefit patients. 

Already, within King’s Health Partners we have some of the foremost cardiovascular clinicians and academics in the country. Bringing these strengths together will build on our internationally recognised research assets such as the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence

Our vision for the Cardiovascular Institute and Network:

  • transforming cardiovascular services across south London, Kent and beyond
  • delivering consistent, high quality patient-focused care
  • improving outcomes across the network, irrespective of geography
  • integrating ground breaking research and clinical best practice to advance the prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment of cardiovascular disease, focusing on the causes and consequences of heart failure
  • speeding up access to innovative treatments
  • setting global ‘best practice’ standards of cardiovascular care and innovation
  • delivering the highest quality multi-disciplinary educational and training programmes
  • attracting the most talented clinicians, academics and staff.

As a central hub of a major clinical-academic network, the Institute will develop innovative new treatments and work with partners to provide access to outstanding patient care.

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Our clinical strengths

Our existing cardiovascular network is supported by excellent clinical services in:

  • cardiac surgeryGSTT pacemaker
  • interventional cardiology
  • minimally invasive heart valve replacement
  • electrophysiology / cardiac rhythm management
  • heart failure
  • inherited cardiac conditions
  • adult congenital heart disease
  • vascular surgery, including endovascular intervention
  • non-invasive cardiology, including multi-modality imaging
  • outpatient services including community outreach.

Our leading research and teaching, combined with a solid science and technology base, and holistic management of physical and mental health, underpins the Institute’s unique strengths.

Our research excellence3D Heart

We are at the international forefront in several fields of research, notably basic science discovery, heart failure, inherited heart disease, and the use of novel biomarkers for personalised precision medicine and imaging. Drawing on our research excellence and assets such as the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, the Institute will be a global leader in cardiovascular research and innovation.

The Institute will allow ground breaking scientific research to be swiftly translated into new patient treatments and medical devices, for example in the areas of research-driven advanced imaging and complex cardiovascular interventions.

Our educational strength

Our aim is to educate, develop and prepare our workforce to deliver seamless cross-boundary cardiovascular care. 

In delivering excellent education and training for clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals, the Institute aspires to become the academic centre of choice internationally for cardiovascular education and training. By enhancing medical specialist training, the Institute will attract the best UK trainees and overseas visiting fellows. 

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Mind & Body
Heart failure team events

Treating mental ill health improves physical health outcomes and vice versa. The Cardiovascular Institute and Network will care for patients with both physical and mental ill health in an integrated manner with better, faster, diagnosis and treatment.  The Institute will build on our existing Mind & Body Programme to develop combined care pathways and first-class education and research around treating patients in a holistic way. 

[Image: Community initiatives with our Heart Failure team.]

The Institute will strive to constantly improve patient experiences by linking physical, mental, and social healthcare. This holistic approach will deliver better health outcomes by helping prevent cardiovascular disease and aiding patient recovery. 

Current examples of integrated mind and body working: 

  • 3DLC project (3 Dimensions for Long-Term Conditions) - pioneered by King’s Health Partners, this programme provides integrated care for patients with heart failure, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and hypertension, who require physical and mental health support with self-management and lifestyle changes 
  • Integrated Heart Failure Service - up to 40% of heart failure patients have anxiety or depression and psychological support for them is often poor. This service ensures that mental wellbeing is considered at every stage of a heart failure patient's pathway. All patients are screened for anxiety and depression with screening tools introduced in three cardiologist outpatient clinics. A community based psychologist works closely with nurse specialists and GPs to improve skills in recognising and supporting mental health conditions.

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