Royal Brompton & Harefield partnership

Since November 2017, we have been working with Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust on a new partnership to revolutionise cardiovascular (heart) and respiratory (lung and breathing) services for patients.

In January 2020, the Boards of Royal Brompton & Harefield and Guy’s and St Thomas’ announced plans regarding full integration of the services provided by both trusts is the best and most positive way of securing these aims and the collective vision of the wider partnership. 

The partners' vision is to create a global powerhouse for heart and lung medicine and research in London, providing the best possible patient care and experience.

This envisages the development of a new purpose-built clinical academic facility on the St Thomas’ Hospital and Evelina London Children’s Hospital site.

The partnership would also provide substantial investment to other sites within the partnership, to support the provision of high-quality care in a new network for patients across the south of England.

More information about our work and how you can get involved

We have an ambition to provide care that is world leading, delivering innovations to improve the lives of every patient, both today and into the future. There are really new parts to what we want to offer – including ambulatory care and support to those delivering care in your local area, and it is important we get this right. You can read more information about the proposals we are developing (PDF 691Kb). 

In early 2019, the partners held a number of ‘listening events’ and conducted a postal and online survey. You can read a report on findings from these activities (PDF 1.57Mb) and the partnership's response to these findings (PDF 169Kb).

A patient and public reference group has also been set up for the partnership. The group is made up of charities, representatives of patient groups and individual patients, parents and carers, and will continue to advise and inform the partnership as its work progresses.

If you would like to get involved or be kept informed about our work, please use the online form to share your details with us or please email your name and email address or postal address to us at