Our work

We aim to improve mental and physical healthcare for people living with diabetes, obesity and endocrine disorders receive, no matter who they are or where they receive treatment.

Research2Our aspiration is to become a major UK centre for diabetes and obesity research, building on our rich history and world-leading clinical academic strengths to improve the lives of our patients and address the inequalities gap within the diverse communities we serve.

Our key priorities include:

  • Driving system-wide collaboration across primary, community and secondary care and from prevention though to specialist care; underpinned by a population health approach.
  • Strengthening integrated ways of working across our current organisational boundaries through ‘One Team’ working; leading to coordinated care pathways and improved outcomes for patients and staff.
  • Improving the mental and physical health of our patients – taking a Mind & Body approach to diabetes care that encompasses psychiatry, immunology, beta-cell biology, education and therapies.
  • Accelerating translation of research and innovation into patient care to improve health outcomes.
  • Supporting our workforce through a range of formal and informal education and training opportunities, which are also available nationally and globally.

Watch the video below to learn how we are working to improve outcomes for patients living with diabetes and obesity and improve care at a system-wide level.


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To get in touch with the Institute and learn more about our work, please email IDEO@kcl.ac.uk.