Education and training

Education and training are at the centre of our work. We work with our partners to provide resources and opportunities that support staff development and will ultimately improve outcomes for patients. 

We provide a wide range of events and training opportunities, including national education days, for our staff and stakeholders including medics, nurses, transfusion practitioners, pharmacists and scientists. 

Our achievements include: 

  • Our preceptorships (training to support newly qualified staff) in several haematological conditions including Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, Aplastic Anaemia and Bone Marrow Failure, and Sickle Cell Disease, have attracted more than 100 delegates from Europe and across the globe. 
  • The development, and submission for publication, of a full set of 65 competencies for the role of a Transfusion Practitioner, is being used to develop national training and education resources. 
  • Our weekly webinar Case of the Week attracts a local, national and international audience, and with almost 150 cases already available to view, it represents an important learning resource. 
  • The prerecorded masterclasses developed by esteemed clinicians from across the partnership to be used to train medics appointed at the African Medical Centre of Excellence (AMCE) in Abuja, Nigeria. 

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