Our vision

Our vision is to develop a Haematology Institute and clinical academic network that brings together our strengths in clinical services, research and education, to deliver and provide exceptional care for our patients.


We are working on developing cures and vaccinations for haematological conditions so that future generations do not have to face lives with these diseases - from blood cancers to haemoglobinopathies, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia.  

As well as providing the highest quality care, we want to be world-leaders in innovation, research and education in all areas of blood diseases. King’s Health Partners Haematology will provide a patient-centred research programme with an integrated clinical trials unit so our patients have access to the latest treatments and developments.

We will support our staff and colleagues to provide the best care for patients through innovative and sustainable ways of working, such as our One Team initiatives where we have begun to work together operationally across our organisational boundaries.

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Our programmes

Blood Transfusion Project

We are creating an integrated Blood Transfusion Service across King’s Health Partners to reduce duplication of effort, improve clinical quality and patient safety.

Additional benefits of this project will include, patients and staff having improved access to specialist expertise as part of a One Team initiative. With improved opportunities for workforce development and more sustainable service provision, as staff and colleagues support each other across our trusts – Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts - with more opportunities to grow and align our research as the teams work more closely together.

Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings

We are improving our existing cross-site cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings (MDTMs) working with the South East London Accountable Cancer Network to establish best practice and introduce additional MDTMs in more specialities.

The benefits of this initiative are to provide opportunities to speed up decision-making as our staff and colleagues experience increasing numbers of cases. It will also limit time delays in decision-making by making information and specialist expertise available, leading to improved patient care, patient experience and outcomes. The teams will also give time for staff to discuss and plan treatment for the most complex cases.

Care Closer To Home

We are currently exploring four opportunities to pilot ‘Care Closer to Home’ across King’s Health Partners Haematology, moving from inpatient to ambulatory care for some chemotherapy treatment plans.

This will improve patient' experience and provide more choices as we reduce waiting times and travel time to a hospital. For our staff this initiative will reduce pressures on existing and ambulatory services, allowing time to optimise capacity to meet increasing and changing demands.

Mind & Body

Our Mind & Body programme integrates physical and mental healthcare so that King’s Health Partners Haematology can deliver excellence across all our initiatives. We will embed Mind & Body care as standard within Haematology, leading to improved patient experience and outcomes.

Our strengths

Our vision haematology InstituteWe are focused on delivering care closer to home through highly networked and innovative uses of technology. Our aim is to improve patient experience and outcomes in the community, as well as the hospital environment. We collaborate extensively in research and support all our staff and stakeholders with appropriate and effective education and training initiatives.

10 things we are especially proud of, in no particular order:

  • we are a world leader in rare blood diseases, where we are developing new tests and treatments
  • in gene and cellular therapy we are unique in the UK for having infrastructure that harnesses collaboration between our academic and clinical experts to develop and deliver new therapies
  • we have the largest myeloid practice in Europe and an international reputation for expertise in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)
  • we provide an eclectic, busy and dynamic educational calendar. Richly populated with national education days and events for all our stakeholders including medics, nurses, transfusion practitioners, pharmacists and scientists
  • we are the largest UK centre caring for patients with sickle cell disease
  • we are world-leading in our work on understanding age-related clonal haemopoiesis (ARCH) through our King’s College Hospital, King’s College London and Celgene partnership
  • we are a national centre for haemophilia and thrombosis
  • we have a strong track record of supporting colleagues from across King’s Health Partners with education and development, 35-40% of our trainees are pursuing MDs or PhDs at any one time
  • we have an internationally-renowned service for myelodysplastic syndrome
  • we have the largest sickle cell disease trial portfolio in the UK.

Our latest achievements

King’s Health Partners Haematology is achieving ground-breaking and innovative outcomes all the time, but here are some we are particularly proud of:

  • King’s Health Partners will be hosting the National Haemoglobinopathy Panel and has become one of the four Haemoglobinopathy Coordinating Centres for the UK
  • our recent new preceptorships in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL), Bone Marrow Failure and Bone Marrow, attracted more than 100 delegates from Europe and the Middle East
  • our development, and submission for publication, of a full set of 65 competencies for the role of a Transfusion Practitioner, is being used to develop national training and education resources.