We work with our partners to provide to resources that support staff and students.

Pan-London Blood Cancer guidelines

We are collaborating with partners across south east London to improve aspects of care right through from diagnosis to how we care for people living with and beyond cancer. The new guidelines have been written to help clinicians in the network follow clear, consistent and evidence-based referral pathways for patients with blood cancers.

In doing so we are able to provide more consistent approaches to treatment and reduce unwarranted variations in care, ultimately helping to improve patient outcomes on a wider scale.

Access the guidelines here.

Lymphoma clinical management resources

Haematology consultants at King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts have put together treatment algorithms and policies around the clinical management of patients with lymphoma to serve as an additional guidance for clinicians and facilitate consistent clinical management of lymphoma patients across the Network.

To request accessible versions of any of the above documents please email

Self-administration of sub-cutaneous systemic anti-cancer therapy at home

As part of the rollout of self-administration of sub-cutaneous systemic anti-cancer therapy at home for suitable oncology patients across south east London, pharmacists from King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts, and Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust have put together a network policy, and standard operating procedures and patient information leaflets for the following regimens:

For guidance on how to give an injection under the skin at home, you can view the online resource here.   

Adult Haematology GP Referral Guide

As part of our commitment to supporting excellence across the patient pathway, haematology consultants at King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts have agreed on a joint Adult Haematology Referral Guide to support GPs in referring patients for haematology.

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust guides

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust guides

KHPHaemPearls podcasts

King's Health Partners Haematology, together with GP colleagues, have launched a Primary Care podcast series called 'KHPHaemPearls'. The series features educational interviews between Haematology Consultants and General Practitioners discussing haematology hot topics and referral pathways.

You can listen to the podcasts on Spotify here, Amazon Music here, and Apple Podcasts here. Please rate the episode to let us know what you think and suggest some future topics.

If you have trouble opening Spotify, we have also added the podcast to our YouTube channel. Listen here:

  1. Anaemia:
    (1) KHP Haempearls - Anaemia - YouTube

  2. Managing B12: 
    (1) KHP Haempearls - Managing B12 - YouTube

3. Common queries around blood count: 
KHPHaemPearls podcast - addressing the common queries around blood count - YouTube

4. Paraproteins:
KHP HaemPearls - Paraproteins - YouTube

5. Haemoglobinopathy
KHP HaemPearls - Haemoglobinopathy - YouTube

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