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King’s Health Partners Haematology brings together our exceptional haematology clinical services, alongside clinically focused research led by world-renowned academics. We ensure our expertise and knowledge is shared globally through our education and training programme.

Blood diseases and disorders have significant and often lifelong effects on patients’ mental and physical health, and the purpose of our Institute is to make a difference to their lives. We seek to provide the best possible care for our patients and the communities we serve, that meets all of their needs and to develop cures and vaccinations for haematological conditions - from blood cancers (like leukaemia) to haemoglobinopathies (blood disorders and diseases that affect red blood cells, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia) - so that future generations will not have to face a lifetime with these diseases.

KHP Haem infographic May 2021

Our aim is to sustain and grow our world leadership in innovation, research and education in all areas of blood diseases, extending our reach and impact and providing a patient-centred research programme..

Personalised medicine and advanced therapies are widely recognised as key to the future of healthcare. Haematology is at the forefront of therapeutic innovation in these areas, particularly cell therapy (replacing diseased or dysfunctional cells with healthy, functioning ones) and gene therapy (using genes to treat or prevent disease) and remains the primary area for initial translation of scientific discoveries into new treatments. Our aim is to grow as an international hub for the development of novel strategies for the treatment of all blood disorders. We aim to cover the entire breadth of blood diseases, with our large and diverse patient population providing a platform for scientific discovery made locally, to be applied globally.

Building on the Institutes research and clinical strengths and reputation in this field, we seek to create a multidisciplinary, patient-centred research portfolio, encouraging cross-fertilisation of research themes, techniques and findings, and their translation into first-in-human clinical studies through an integrated clinical trials unit.

In partnership with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London, we aim to link clinical and research teams focussed on whole-person care. This mind and body programme will assess the effect of holistic care on disease outcomes.

In addition to partnerships with major multinational companies, we intend to accelerate international collaborations with centres of excellence.

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To get in touch with the Institute and learn more about our work, please email KHPHaematology@kcl.ac.uk