Ask the Institute - Neurosciences

Ask the Institute is a responsive research advisory service for clinical and managerial staff in neurosciences. We are offering hands-on advice and support in:

  • developing research proposals (particularly for those new to research)
  • evidence informed service improvement and service development
  • robust evaluation of changes to service delivery.

The service is currently up and running for the KHP Women and Children’s Health Clinical Academic Partnership, and we are using the expertise within that team to extend the offer to King’s Health Partners Neurosciences staff.

Find out more about how this service can support your research and evaluation plans:

(1) Ask the Institute - King's Health Partners Neurosciences - YouTube

What happens when you get in touch?

Ask the Institute provides a bespoke service as each enquiry is unique. The picture below shows how the process works in general.  ​

ask the institute neurosciences

The team will acknowledge receipt of initial queries and will contact you to arrange a follow-up conversation to clarify your needs and timescales.​

Based on the follow-up conversation the team will develop a project brief, including aims and objectives of your query, and an outline of what the team of researchers can offer. ​Once an agreement has been, the work begins! 

Example queries

  • How do we enable patient-initiated follow-ups?
  • How many patients should I recruit to my study?
  • What is the best way to analyse my data?

Ask us a question

To access the form to submit a query, click here or scan the QR code below.

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