Education and training

Education is a central pillar of our work. We deliver a portfolio of high-quality education and training opportunities for clinicians and scientists. This ranges from undergraduate courses to PhDs, as well as postgraduate clinical training and continuing professional development opportunities.

Examples include:

  • Our neurosciences module on the PG Cert in Advanced Medical Training. Specialties include: Children’s Health, Haematology, Women’s Health and Neuroscience.
  • Our newest BSc in Neuroscience and Psychology launched in 2020.
  • Hosting scientific fellowships funded by external organisations, including the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, Royal Society and Research Councils UK Career Development Awards and Senior Fellowship Awards. 
  • Specialist clinical fellowship training posts in skull, neurovascular and neuro-oncology for those with a Certificate of Completion of Training. Our most recent post is for neurologists with an interest in neuro-oncology.

Hear from Prof Mark Richardson, Head of School, Neurosciences, King's College London, and Joint Director of King's Health Partners Neurosciences, on what it is like to study at King’s Health Partners.

Our current areas of focus include:

Fostering clinical-academic collaborations

We give clinicians the opportunity to work alongside scientists and leading clinical academics. Scientists are able to partner with clinicians to support research translation. We are also growing our pipeline of clinical academics from across a range of disciplines such as medicine, nursing, allied health professionals and clinical scientists.

Developing patient and carer education

We help increase patient’s knowledge around their conditions and empower them and their carers in managing them. For example, our teams run sessions at our National Institute for Health and Care Excellence-approved Parkinson’s education and therapy clinic and patient education clinics in neuro-oncology and multiple sclerosis.

We have supported a successful pilot education clinic for patients with functional neurological disorders and their carers. We have also developed a patient and health care professional course on understanding epilepsy and its impacts in collaboration with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Recovery College, which is available nationally.

Online education and training materials

Our online content and educational opportunities are available to staff and students across King’s Health Partners and beyond. We will focus on developing further materials.

The following courses are available on our Learning Hub and we will continue to add opportunities.

  • Stroke and vascular anatomy of the brain e-learning
  • Spinal Cord Pathways
  • Raised intra-cranial
  • The brain as a dynamical system
  • Introduction to Functional Neurological Disorder
  • Dissociative seizures
  • Functional Motor Disorders
  • The management of Neuromuscular Respiratory failure

Educational events

We deliver a wide range of courses and events for clinicians and academics and work with teams to identify new opportunities. For example, our annual Functional Neurological Disorders Masterclass and termly King’s Health Partners Neurosciences mini symposium.

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