Our work

King’s Health Partners Neurosciences’ work focuses on a number of key areas and objectives.

Watch the video below to learn how we are working to improve outcomes for patients with neurological conditions and improve care at a system-wide level.


Our aim is to become:

A world-leading centre for neurological recovery 

Creating a world-leading system for neurological recovery across physical and psychological domains, providing the best clinical care and promoting wellbeing.

A world-leading centre for experimental medicine

By building on our collective strengths in basic science and utilising research facilities, we will grow our cutting-edge research through a robust and sustainable experimental medicine portfolio. We will build on our pipeline of first-in-human trials and develop future research leaders in this area.

The leading centre in the UK for education and training

We will use our expertise for local, regional, national and international benefit through a comprehensive neurosciences educational offering for patients, carers, scientists and clinicians.

We will also continue to focus on:

Mind & Body

As neurological conditions relate to the brain and nervous system, the interaction between physical neurological and neuropsychological needs are complex and encompass cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social. Providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment can be challenging.

We have established integrated services in stroke and neurorehabilitation which address both mind and body and we want to be at the forefront in addressing patient needs holistically for other conditions. We will continue to enhance the assessment, diagnosis and management of the emotional, cognitive and mental health needs of our patients, both through research and innovation in clinical practice.

As part of this work, we are progressing research to assess the mental health needs of young people with epilepsy.

We have also developed a pilot multidisciplinary team model for patients with multiple sclerosis, involving neurology and neuropsychiatry.


We are pioneering the use of new digital and data science, to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients, and identify areas of research and innovation.

Populations and communities

We partner with the South London Neurosciences Operational Delivery Network (ODN), which was set up to work with hospitals and health care providers to deliver impact across populations and communities. Our close collaborative working brings together both a strong operational and strategic focus. Our combined strengths improve patient pathways in several ways by:

  • Widening access to our expertise in neurosciences, to increase staff knowledge in the management and treatment of neurological conditions.
  • Testing new approaches to care supported by new technologies and digital platforms to promote self-care. For example the co-production of a “NeuroHealth” App, a patient held app to promote wellness whilst living with a neurological condition.
  • Promoting the patient voice when planning and implementing projects through our jointly run patient advisory group. We also work with family members, carers and link closely with charities to ensure that issues which are meaningful to patients help drive our programmes.

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To get in touch with the Institute and learn more about our work, please email KHPNeurosciences@kcl.ac.uk.