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Ask the Institute

Ask the Institute is a responsive advisory service offering hands-on, specialist input to all areas of evaluation, research and clinical delivery. Our service draws on our experienced expert advisers as well as a large pool of associates available thanks to our connection with King's College London, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and King's Health Partners.

What happens when you get in touch?

Ask the Institute provides a bespoke service as each enquiry is unique. However here is a flowchart to outline the general process.  ​

ask the institute

We will acknowledge receipt of initial enquiries and will contact you to arrange a follow-up conversation to clarify your research or evaluation needs, timescales and available funding within five working days .  ​

Based on the follow-up conversation we will develop a research brief, which includes information on the background to your enquiry, aims and objectives of your enquiry, and what our researchers will provide. ​

Once you are happy with this research brief, a research proposal with clear deliverables and funding expectations are agreed.  ​

Once agreement is made, the research work begins. 

Animation explaining the Women and Children's Health Ask the Institute service - YouTube

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