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Research and innovation

We focus on improving the translation of research across the continuum, from mechanistic insights to clinical trials and population studies, and we use this evidence to inform clinical practice.

Research2By shaping policy, practice and outcomes, we ensure our discoveries have a tangible impact on the lives and health of the people and communities we serve.

Our research focuses on understanding the major causes of mortality, improving health and wellbeing, and transforming health systems and issues relating to policy. Using data collection and sophisticated analytics, including artificial intelligence, we can design and deliver targeted care.

Our research facilities include Clinical Research Facilities and a Specialist Women’s and Children’s section of the King’s Clinical Trials Unit (King's College London).

Our research strengths and achievements include:

  • Understanding the mechanism of maternal metabolic disease to improve pregnancy outcomes. The NHS Genomic Medicine Service has approved genetic screening for intrahepatic cholestasis, a liver disorder that occurs in pregnant women, based on the ABCB11‚Äč mutations identified by our researchers.
  • Developing of the QUiPP app to predict risk of pre-term birth. This app is recommended by NHS England.
  • Understanding the mechanisms and treatment of childhood diseases. This includes the recognition and characterisation of COVID-19-related inflammatory syndrome in children.
  • Leading the treatment of neonatal and childhood conditions. Our expertise in improving clinical practice spans many areas including interventional cardiology, liver disease, sleep disorders and respiratory preservation in new-borns.

Our plans

In the coming years, our Institute aims to build on our collective strengths to become a leader in women and children’s research. We will seek to achieve this by promoting the full spectrum of health research and bringing together researchers, clinicians, and policymakers.

Our overarching approach will focus on connecting existing research strengths to understand the inter-generational impacts of health and disease.

We know that by working together across our partnership we can achieve more. We will continue to build on our joint working across our NHS Foundation Trusts and King’s College London to create a more streamlined funding and approval process for research projects, as well as providing the support, education and training required to better facilitate quality research. 

Learn more about our IWCH Knowledge Hub which provides support for staff undertaking research, including those running clinical trials. To get in touch with the team and learn more about the IWCH Knowledge Hub and our work, please email

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