Research and innovation

Our Institute builds on the strong reputation of King’s Health Partners children's and women’s medicine and medical research, with a methodology-based research strategy designed to complement the range of disciplinary expertise.

Women Children innovationThe areas the Institute of Women and Children's Health focus on include:  

  • technological innovation
  • data linkage
  • evidence synthesis
  • comprehensive clinical research support.

Our areas of research expertise include; Paediatrics and Child Health, Women's Health and Women's Mental Health and Children's and Adolescent Mental Health.

[Pictured above, right: a young person who took part in the Medical Research Council funded United Kingdom Oscillation Study when a very premature baby and then the NIHR funded follow-up study, shown at 16-19 years of age performing lung function tests as part of the follow-up. Both the original neonatal trial and the follow-up were reported in The New England Journal of Medicine.]

Paediatrics and Child Health

We utilise strengths across the partnership, including state-of-the-art imaging modalities, clinical expertise and basic science skills, to understand the origins of disease in infants and children and develop new therapies. Our research includes:

Women's Health

We undertake multi-disciplinary research to understand and address the origins, treatment and prevention of many of the health issues specifically pertinent to women. Our research includes:

Women's Mental Health and Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health

Working with King’s College London's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience we research maternal, child and adolescent mental health conditions to understand:

  • the impact of mental health problems on women and their families
  • how child and adolescent mental conditions differ from their adult equivalents.

In bringing together these areas of distinctive research expertise our Institute will ensure the links between maternal and child health are identified, addressed and inform developments in clinical practice.

Mind & Body

A crucial and distinctive aspect of the Institute’s research programme is the integration of physical and mental health. King’s Health Partners has existing research and clinical strengths in maternal and child psychiatry, which provide the Institute with a unique opportunity to investigate the relationship between mental and physical health in women and their children and between generations.

The Institute’s research programme builds on our current work in maternal and child mental health, examples include: