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Ask the Institute

Ask the Institute is a responsive advisory service offering hands-on, specialist input to all areas of research and clinical delivery. Our service draws on our experienced expert advisers as well as a large pool of associates available thanks to our connection with King's College London, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and King's Health Partners.

Our team of in-house advisers will provide rigorous and bespoke support through the Ask the Institute.

We work with a wide range of organisations in London, including primary care, local authorities, voluntary and community organisations, and integrated care systems.

Ask the Institute can respond to a variety of queries including rapid evidence reviews and evaluation, analytical insights, support for translation of evidence into practice, grant applications, statistical guidance and clinical trial development.

This list is not exhaustive, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your query further. To lodge a query please click this link. Our adviser will get back to you shortly where we can discuss how we can work collaboratively to address your specific query that meets your needs best.

IWCH Knowledge Hub

Through our Institute of Women and Children's (IWCH) Knowledge Hub, we coordinate support for our workforce to help them undertake research, focused on improving outcomes for patients and populations.

The IWCH Knowledge Hub is a ‘one stop shop’ focused on improving access to and signposting staff to information and support, with the aim of increasing clinical academic research activity and capacity.

The Hub is run by a small core team who provide access to drop-in and remotely accessible advice services.

To get in touch with the Institute and learn more about our work and the IWCH Knowledge Hub, please email

King’s Clinical Trials Unit

The Specialist Section of the King’s Clinical Trials Unit website (King's College London) offers remotely accessible advice services, including support for development and delivery of women’s and children’s clinical trials.

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