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Clinical academic leadership roles

Applications are invited for the following clinical academic leadership roles within King’s Health Partners:

  • Co-leader, Clinical Academic Group - KHP Psychosis CAG
  • Joint Directors, Clinical Academic Partnership - KHP Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity (KHP DEO)

Please email the application form and a short CV to by noon on Tuesday 4th October 2022.

CAG Co-Leads

CAG Leaders are ambassadors for King’s Health Partners and are responsible for leading the CAG executive teams to achieve King’s Health Partners tripartite mission of excellence in research, education and clinical services. Key to the role is connecting with front line staff across the health and university sector to promote the role and delivery of the CAG, helping them to see the connections within their own work. These roles will also lead the advancement of the research agenda and encourage all areas of the CAG to engage with the delivery of a strategy of research excellence.

CAG Leader Job Description

KHP Psychosis Outcomes Booklet

Application form - Psychosis CAG

Clinical Academic Partnership Joint Directors

KHP Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity is one of our five Clinical Academic Partnerships. Our Clinical Academic Partnerships harness our partner’s combined expertise in five areas – Cardiovascular & Respiratory; Diabetes, Endocrinology & Obesity; Haematology; Neurosciences and Women & Children’s Health – and ensures even closer integrated ways of working to drive internationally competitive outcomes. These areas of focus were chosen because of not only our combined strengths in them, but also to target our focus on the needs of our local communities.

Through the Clinical Academic Partnerships, we encourage even closer integrated ways of working to deliver real benefit to our patients, through efforts such as the consolidation of research, international education programmes, and sharing resources and skills by working as 'One Team' across our organisations so patients benefit in a quicker and more sustainable way. Our Mind & Body programme works closely with all our Clinical Academic Partnership teams to better join up mental and physical healthcare, training and research to improve mental and physical health outcomes for everyone.

For our Clinical Academic Partnerships, only joint leadership applications will be considered. Joint applications should reflect the breadth of our tripartite mission (research, clinical and education excellence) and include representation from all four partners of King’s Health Partners.

Job Description - Clinical Academic Partnership Joint Director DEO

KHP DEO Listening Exercise Submission

Application form - DEO Joint Directors