Celebrating commitment to mind and body care

On Thursday 2 November, King’s Health Partners staff and external partners came together for the launch of our Mind and Body Champions Network.

The event brought together staff from across the partnership to celebrate their commitment to joining up mental and physical healthcare, as well as to provide an opportunity to help shape how the Mind and Body Programme develops over the coming year.

mind and body stallChampions were able to explore various project stalls from across our Mind and Body Programme. These included Integrating Mental and Physical Healthcare: Research, Training & Services (IMPARTS), 3 Dimensions for Long-Term Care 3DLC, Maudsley Simulation, RE-EDITT, and staff health and wellbeing. Champions were also invited to pin their suggestions to a feedback wall to help shape the new Network and the wider Programme. Our Champions watched a short film introducing the programme before hearing a series of talks from Dr Sean Cross, Clinical Director of the Mind and Body Programme, Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Zac Hanna, a Medical Student at King’s College London.

Sean’s challenge

sean talking at CNLSean challenged all Mind and Body Champions to complete three tasks. Firstly, he urged every member of staff and prospective Champion to complete their mind and body e-learning. Then he encouraged Champions to role model mind and body care in their everyday practice and dialogue, in order to change the hearts and minds of colleagues. And finally, Sean called on each Champion to speak to 100 of their fellow colleagues, over the next year, about the importance of joining up mind and body care to help achieve the Network’s aim to make every member of staff at King’s Health Partners a Mind and Body Champion.

Amanda’s pledge

Amanda CNL talkAmanda told the audience that she spoke on behalf of all the chief executives at our partner trusts when speaking about a shared commitment to delivering joined up care. Amanda advised Champions that there is nothing more powerful than the strength of conversations between friends and colleagues when it comes to improving best practice and changing old habits.

Zac’s story

Zac patient storyZac spoke about his experiences as a patient coping with ulcerative colitis, a condition which causes inflammation of the colon and rectum and burdensome symptoms such as diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fatigue. After struggling with the condition for many years Zac’s mental health suffered and he became severely depressed. Upon seeking help Zac learned how his mental and physical health were linked and was able to manage his illness better. Zac has since been a devoted advocate to driving better integration of mind and body care and commended the Champions on their work and the work yet to be done in delivering whole person care.

On the launch of the Mind and Body Champions Network Dr Sean Cross said:

I am delighted by the sheer numbers of staff across King’s Health Partners who have already stepped forward to become a Mind and Body Champion. In the coming months we’ll be supporting our staff to refresh and learn new mind and body skills, including tools and resources which will enable them to understand and role model mind and body care.
Joining up mental and physical healthcare is a hugely ambitious vision, however, I believe that with the help of our growing Champions Network we can help make whole person care a reality.

Mind and Body Champions were armed with helpful resources to aid them on their mission to spread awareness about why others should commit to joining up mental and physical healthcare. All those who had already completed their mind and body e-learning were also rewarded with a special Champions badge.

Are you a Mind and Body Champion?

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