An introduction with our Executive Director Prof Richard Trembath

We met with King’s Health Partners’ new Executive Director, Prof Richard Trembath, to hear about his early reflections on the role, ambitions and priorities for our partnership.

Prof Richard Trembath became Executive Director of King’s Health and Senior Vice President (Health) at King’s College London in September 2020. Richard took over from Prof Sir Robert Lechler, who had led the organisation from its initial establishment as an Academic Health Sciences Centre in 2009. Richard is responsible for working with the Joint Board and senior leadership to set the direction and focus of the partnership over the next five years, and beyond.

Richard is an internationally renowned clinician scientist through his work in human and medical genetics. He has a breadth of experience and his previous roles include Senior Investigator at National Health Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and Vice Principal for Health and Executive Dean of the School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University London.

We are extremely excited to have Richard as Executive Director of King’s Health Partners, supporting us through the implementation of our ambitious new five-year plan: 'Delivering better health for all through high impact innovation'.

Our Head of Communications, Syeda Hasnain-Mohammed, sat down with Richard to hear his views on our priorities as we implement our ambitious new five-year plan: 'Delivering better health for all through high impact innovation', and learn more about him personally as our new Executive Director.  

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Discussing how he has found his first two months at King’s Health Partners and first impressions of the organisation, Richard said:

At King’s Health Partners we’re a family. The partnership is about a family of people who are really striving to lead and drive health improvement, and part of that is ensuring that our workforce feels as though they are part of that family and connected in and can be supported by their peers.

When asked about his leadership style and priorities for King’s Health Partners, Richard addressed what inspires him and his ambitions for the role, saying:

I am most inspired by seeing the thoughts and ideas I‘ve had…implemented, through a synthesis of discussion, and seeing people benefit and develop as a consequence. The most critical thing for me is a steer, over the next period of time of which this five-year plan is laying our real foundations…is to impact, at a population scale, on the very earliest detection of disease, early interventions of disease state, as a means of improving outcomes.

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