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Everything you need to know about QGenome

QGenome: developed by clinicians for clinicians – giving you more answers in less time

QGenomeThe field of Genomics cuts across all aspects of healthcare and impacts individuals of all ages, from rare syndromes to common conditions, like cancer or diabetes.

Huge scientific advances have revolutionised how genomic technology and its clinical application can be used in disease prevention and treatment. Clinicians need quick user-friendly tools to help them navigate this rapidly evolving area, which is where QGenome enters the stage.

Primary Care

Public awareness of the importance of genetic risk in the development of disease is growing rapidly. Technological advances and the explosion of direct-to-consumer tests mean that access to genomic testing is more widely available. Although there are huge positives associated with this advancement, it can be difficult for patients and healthcare professionals to navigate this ever-expanding field.

QGenome is a readily accessible tool providing guidance for busy clinicians, quickly facilitating clinical decision-making and highlighting which patients need onward specialist referral for genomic investigations.

Download the app and visit the Primary Care guidance page in QGenome to find out more.


Cancer is a common disease, affecting 1 in 2 individuals in the general UK population. Genomic technology can help identify people at higher risk of developing cancer, providing opportunities for prevention and early detection. Importantly, genomic tests can guide cancer treatment decisions enabling personalised management for specific patients, resulting in better outcomes.

The QGenome cancer pathways include referral, risk assessment and genomic testing guidance for breast, colorectal, endometrial, prostate, ovarian, renal, haematological, childhood cancers, sarcoma, and many other tumour types.


Genomic testing within the cardiac setting is crucial to identify patients who may be at risk of inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs) including arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, aortopathies such as Marfan syndrome, muscular dystrophies and familial hypercholesterolaemia.

In the UK, recent health-policy initiatives have identified a need to improve and develop clinical services for ICCs, with a particular focus on the prevention of sudden cardiac death.

QGenome bridges the gap between primary care, clinical genetics and cardiology, providing clinicians with instant guidance to support the diagnosis and management of ICCs.

Other Genomics pathways are coming soon.


QGenome offers clinicians readily-accessible, evidence-based clinical guidance, and a streamlined mechanism to instigate genomic investigations and onward referrals, where necessary. It is freely available on iOS, Android, and Web apps.

QGenome is a ‘point of care’ tool for any healthcare professional or multidisciplinary team who needs guidance navigating the role of genomic testing at various stages of the patient pathway. It enables busy clinicians to quickly distinguish between patients with sporadic disease and those with a potential genetic condition by highlighting the relevance of genomics at specific ‘decision points’ in their patient’s management.

QGenome is aligned to the NHSE genomic test directory, with quick links to genomic test request forms, record of discussion forms, national guidelines and published literature.

Content development has drawn on the expertise and input of specialist teams through iterative and collaborative workshops, ensuring QGenome supports the needs of the clinical community it serves.


QGenome is funded through NHS England’s Genomic Medicine Service’s Transformation Programme. It is an expansion of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust’s successful Cancer Genetics app, which launched in 2016 and was funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity. Existing users of the Cancer Genetics app can seamlessly transfer across to QGenome by simply updating the app on the AppleStore or GooglePlay.

QGenome is powered by the Clinibee platform. This platform enables clinicians to collaborate on the development of app content across geographic boundaries, ensures appropriate governance controls are in place and distributes published clinical guidance to healthcare professionals at the front line.

Alexander Kenney, Dr Anju Kulkarni and Dr Vishakha TripathiThe design of QGenome is specifically architected to be sustainable and to accommodate future developments, including expansion to additional speciality areas and tailoring content or links to different regional needs as required.

If you want to know more, join Alex, Anju, and Vishakha [pictured] who are presenting at the King’s Health Partners Primary Care Webinar on Wednesday 24 May, and find out how this tool can support your clinical practice and improve outcomes for your patients and their families. Book your place via Eventbrite.