KHPeople: Lenna Cumberbatch

KHP Haematology has recently recruited more patient representatives to join various groups to gather their thoughts and input when making key decisions.

Lenna CumberbatchLenna Cumberbatch, who has a long history of volunteering within healthcare, shared her experience and reasons for getting involved. 

What is your background?   

I grew up in Southwark and after a stint in the States for high school and university, I have returned to the area. I work with a variety of organisations across different sectors to create inclusive environments where everyone feels welcome, supported and celebrated. I got to know the haematology team here after pulmonary embolisms left me unconscious on the floor at home. I was diagnosed with a blood clotting condition called anti-phospholipid syndrome, also known as 'sticky blood' or Hughes Syndrome. It is a lifelong condition and requires regular monitoring which means I have got to know the team really well.  

What do you do with us at King's Health Partners Haematology?  

I am a patient representative programme board member.   

Why did you want to be involved?  

Over the years, the team have taken really good care of me and this was an opportunity to give back, to help where I can to make a meaningful contribution to the service, and to learn more about what happens.   

What has your experience been so far?  

Brilliant! I received a really warm welcome from everyone. They have been supportive in bringing me and the other patient representative up to speed and are open to questions, comments and suggestions.  

What is your ambition of being involved?  

I'd love to keep contributing in whatever way possible, as long as it is found to be useful. Having a patient perspective is so important and great that the partnership recognise the need for that voice.    

Are you a patient or carer for someone with a haematological condition? Would you like to hear about our projects and get involved? If so, please contact with your name, contact details and which area of haematology you are interested in, to hear more information about our work and be notified when involvement opportunities arise.