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Jessie McCulloch

A Deputy Director of Education and Programme Manager for the Mind & Body programme relects on the impact that she has been able to have by collaborating with colleagues from across the partnership and provides some excellent tips for getting the most of your time at work. 

What is your role within King’s Health Partners? 

I am one of the Deputy Directors of Education and a Programme Manager for the Mind & Body programme. This involves working with our partners to integrate mental and physical healthcare through innovative digital solutions, service development, research, and education. My role involves bridging the gap between clinical services and academic research to foster an holistic approach to patient care, and supporting our workforce in developing education and training fit for the future. 

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

The aspect of my role I find most fulfilling is the opportunity to work in partnership across traditional divides to support delivery of person-centred care approaches. This not only improves outcomes for our population but also enhances the training and development of healthcare professionals. Witnessing the direct impact of our work on both patient care and healthcare education is incredibly rewarding. 

What inspired you to get into this work? 

I started my career in children's nursing before moving into public health and education. My inspiration for working in an academic health science centre comes from the many people I've met along with way who have experienced challenges from fragmented health services. My experience made me realise the benefits of academic and clinical partnership that enables good communication and shared decision-making to transform healthcare experiences - both from the perspective of patients, families and healthcare professionals.   

What are the benefits of working in partnership? 

Working in partnership offers the unique advantage of pooling diverse expertise to be innovative and tackle complex health challenges. We all have different pieces of the puzzle and are stronger together.   

What would be your one career top tip? 

Can I have two? My top tips are to always be open to learning something new and be kind. Embrace opportunities for collaboration with colleagues and our community - you will develop your skills and keep the passion for healthcare alive.