Children with Cancer UK International Scientific and Medical Conference 2018

Attend this landmark conference examining the way we understand cancer, exploring the way forward within the full United States National Institute of Health's definition of Precision Medicine.

Main Themes covered throughout the conference will include:

  Day One:
The Metabolic and Epigenetic Roots of Cancer - The Evidence: Top world scientists bring us up to date with the latest evidence
The need for both epidemiological and mechanistic evidence: The multi-causal nature of cancer and international collaborative research

  Day Two:
The Environmental Causes of Cancer - The Evidence: Air, food, diet, chemicals, infections, radiation, lifestyle

  Day Three:

Treating and Preventing Cancer - The Way Forward: Updates on the treatment-related research projects that we fund
Kinder, more integrated, treatments to reduce suffering: What to do about causal factors

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Start date
12 September 2018
End Date
14 September 2018
Start Time
End Time
Church House Conference Centre
Dean's Yard