King’s Health Partners Digital Health Hub will accelerate the development of digital technologies to directly benefit patients, healthcare providers and the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Our experts aim to make technology available nationally to support new businesses to grow and make a difference to patients' lives.

The KHP Digital Health Hub is one of five at universities nationwide, and is funded by a £2.6 million award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Knowledge-sharing and collaboration

The hub will advance the development of digital technologies in healthcare and expedite the time it takes for these innovations to reach patients. It will achieve this through:


The hub unites a dynamic network across four King's College London faculties, all King's Health Partner NHS Trusts, along with 20 industry members and a further 10 organisations and NHS Trusts.


The hub will provide training which will be offered to all our partners across the health and social care sectors


We foster cooperation among corporate partners and industry members, guaranteeing that this research finds its way into practical products that will directly benefit patients and healthcare workers.

Facilities and physical space

King’s College London’s state-of-the-art engineering and science facilities serve as a physical space for technology developers to collaborate and drive innovation.

For more information on the Hub, visit the King's College London webpage here.