Global Health

Developing education, research and capacity-building programmes in global health.

King's Centre for Global Health and Health Partnerships brings together people from academic, health and international development communities from across King's Health Partners. This partnership includes all 22 Clinical Academic Groups, nine Schools within King's College London and partnered organisations globally.

King’s Centre for Global Health and Health Partnerships has been working in Somaliland since 2000, Sierra Leone since 2011 and the Kongo Central province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2013. The Centre has supported its partners by providing:

  • technical advice
  • mentoring, teaching and training
  • research and evaluation
  • accessing resources
  • opportunities to collaborate.

The Centre brings the health, academic and development communities together. By engaging as peers, such as doctor-to-doctor, or nurse-to-nurse, it is consistent and trusted, and works to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

You can find more out more about King's Centre for Global Health and Health Partnerships through the following links:

Somaliland: Facebook | Twitter
Sierra Leone: Facebook | TwitterWebsite
Kongo Central: Facebook 

The Centre's approach to global health prioritises:

  • Inclusivity and collaboration: The Centre works to improve collaborative projects and teaching in global health between professionals, students, academics and institutions. There is an exciting range of activity taking place, linking out to other actors in the UK and abroad
  • Mutuality with partners around the world: Health systems capacity building through long-term health partnerships has been an essential part of the global health work. The Centre's partnerships promote mutual learning and understanding between partner institutions in the global north and south. In addition, they endorse the mutuality between the social, political and health sciences as well as between King's College London academics and clinicians working across partner NHS Trusts
  • Global citizenship: The Centre's approach to global health also celebrates global citizenship by acknowledging and supporting ways that individuals and groups can get involved in tackling the profound inequities in health and wellbeing within and between high and low income countries. It strives to work with diverse actors at international, national, and local levels, and promote intercultural dialogue and collaboration
  • Student engagement: The Centre is co-located with the Global Health education team, providing a unique opportunity to link the health partnerships teams into student engagement. Its global health work has been strengthened through sustained and effective student engagement through the Centre's MSc and iBSc courses, and the King’s Health Partners community.

King's Global Health Partnerships 10-Year Strategy

King's Global Health Partnerships recently published their 10-Year Strategy, setting out a vision for the next ten years. The strategy draws on their work in Somaliland, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, highlighting their ambition to:

  • Make an impact in providing health care to citizens
  • Build strong partnerships 
  • Have a wider influence including sharing lessons from their experience
  • Provide evidence of mutual benefit that the partnership brings to King's Health Partners.

Find out more and read the strategy.

King's Health Partners global volunteering scheme

There are exciting opportunities for King’s Health Partners staff (clinical and non-clinical) to volunteer time and skills with King’s Global Health Partnerships (KGHP). 

Find out more about the King's Health Partners global volunteering scheme. 

I believe that we are laying a foundation upon which we can have greater impact in our partner countries, strengthen our partnerships, realise more significant benefit across King’s Health Partners and have wider influence within the development, health professional and academic sectors.
Andy Leather, Director, King’s Centre for Global Health & Health Partnerships

Contact the team

King’s Centre for Global Health (Denmark Hill campus)

Suite 2.13 Weston Education Centre, Cutcombe Road, London SE5 9RJ

T: 020 7848 5168