Life Lines provides a secure virtual visiting solution so that families can connect with loved ones who are being treated in intensive care units (ICU). We created Life Lines as a rapid response initiative to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are now continuing the Life Lines mission to develop, research, and evaluate digital solutions to support patients, families and clinical teams throughout the intensive care journey.

Help shape the future of digital health

Are you an ICU survivor or a family member of a relative who has experienced an ICU admission?

Come and join us at Life Lines to help us shape the future of digital health innovations that will improve the lives of ICU survivors and family members.

There are many ways in which you can get involved in Life Lines projects; from filling out a survey, participating in interviews about your experiences, to helping us co-create and test our new and innovative digital solutions. ICU survivors and their families are essential partners to helping us create better and bolder digital technologies to improve the recovery and quality of life of all those affected by critical illnesses.

What is involved?

This depends on the digital projects we are working on. We may require assistance and help in various ways from patients and families such as:

  • Attending virtual meetings with other ICU survivors and family members to help us co-create new solutions or revise existing ones
  • Filling in online questionnaires or taking part in interviews that will help to understand issues faced during recovery from critical illness
  • Using your own experiences to give your opinions on topics and treatments which matter most to patients and family
  • Testing new digital solutions and providing your personal perspective that ensure that these are centered on the needs of ICU survivors and families.

If you would like to help us shape better ways to support ICU survivors and family members in recovery from critical illness, we would love to hear from you.

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