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Patient feedback

Patient Feedback

Patient quotes:

When it was time for me to be discharged, I found the idea extremely daunting. I’ve not experienced this level of anxiety and confusion before. Using the digital platform on my phone meant I could be in contact with the recovery coordinator, and she would guide me through my recovery. 
  • Feedback from ICU pathway user
One of the most important things to me has been jointly setting goals with the recovery co-ordinator. At first, I couldn’t even brush my teeth by myself, so this became a goal. We still do medium- and long-term goal setting now, and it was and still is incredibly invaluable to stay focussed and positive.
  • Feedback from ICU pathway user
It has been a comfort to know that someone is there to help with my recovery. Over time the recovery co-ordinator has built up my history using the app and has used it to reassure me when I think I’m not progressing fast enough.
  • Feedback from ICU pathway user
Also going back to our first goals were quite shocking - at the beginning I could barely walk up the stairs and seemed like I would never be ‘normal’ again. It was a nice reflection to see how far I’ve come as you often forget when you’re in the moment. 
  • Feedback from ICU pathway user

Paul's story

Paul Heasman, from Swanley in Kent, suffered multiple cardiac arrests in May 2021 and was in St Thomas’ Hospital for seven weeks, including four weeks on ICU in an induced coma. For Paul, being part of the ICU Survivorship project has been invaluable to his recovery.

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