The recovery coordinator role

Recovery coordinator role

The central component of the pathway is individualised recovery goal-setting by the patient in collaboration with a dedicated ICU recovery coordinator. The ICU recovery coordinator supports individuals during their in-hospital and at home phases of recovery, bridging the gap until critical care recovery clinic.

Additional roles include making onward speciality referrals and providing occupational therapist specialist care and advice including vocational rehabilitation, upper limb assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, and fatigue management.

The Digital ICU recovery pathway user manual can be downloaded here.

For details on how to create a new digital ICU recovery pathway user, adding the patient's next of kin as a manager, and enabling text communication, refer to the instructions in the user manual.

Instructions for the recovery coordinator on setting the patient up on the digital ICU recovery pathway, when they go home.

1. Inform the patient to download aTouchAway app from Aetonix from Google Play for Android phones or the App store for iPhones on to their device (smatphone/tablet/laptop).

Google Play - Life Lines - July 2022

On the Android phone/tablet, go to the play store. Type ‘aTouchAway’ in the search box to find the Aetonix aTouchAway app. Click on Aetonix aTouchAway Mobile app and then click Aetonix aTouchAway install.

App store - Life Lines - July 2022

On the iphone/ipad, go to the App store. Type ‘aTouchAway’ in the search box to find the Aetonix aTouchAway app. Click on the download icon. An Apple ID and password may be required.

2. Open aTouchAway on the patient’s device, and select the United Kingdom region.

3. There will be a Welcome to aTouchAway screen on their screen, click on Enter an account key.

Account key - Life Lines - July 2022

Creation and token - Life Lines - July 20224. The recovery coordinator then can search for the patient in the Creation/Token tab found on the page at the bottom right.

5. Click on Token next to the patient’s name. Take note of this 16-character key and provide it to the patient to enter on their device. See screenshot below for an example of the patient’s screen.

Sign into aTouchAway - Life Lines - July 2022

6. After logging in, the patient will be asked to finish account setup complete the registration by entering an email and creating a password. This step is essential for them to access aTouchAway on their own device.

Finish account setup - Life Lines - July 2022

7. If the patient was using a hospital tablet: Click on the Account Menu, then Log Out. Log back in with the tablet account to have the device ready for the next patient that will use the device.

Instructions for the recovery coordinator on starting the ICU Recovery Pathway (workflow)

  1. This applies to the Hospital and Home pathway

2. Search and identify the patient in the Recovery Coordinators list of Managed Users, ICU RECOVERY PATHWAY.

3. Click on their name and Click on Workflow.

Workflow - Life Lines - July 2022

4. Click.

Start new workflow - Life Lines - July 2022

5. From the drop-down menu, select the applicable workflow (In Hospital or Home)

6. Workflow Label (Hospital recovery or Home recovery)

7. Under Recovery Coordinator, select yourself

8. Leave Demo Mode OFF, as this is only used for testing the workflow

9. Click Save to start the Pathway

Go back to your aTouchAway Home page, where the banners at the top of the page will guide you through the actions needed to proceed with all the sections of setting up the pathway.

Please see below for examples of the banners for the steps involved in setting up the pathway:

Preparation for home recovery - Life Lines - July 2022

Enrolment form - Life Lines - July 2022

Home recovery assessment - Life Lines - July 2022

Please note there is no banner for barriers, this step will come on screen automatically following completing the Home Recovery Assessment Form.

Please note there is no banner for resources, this step will come on screen automatically following completing the barriers.

Goal setting form - Life Lines - July 2022

Complete patient setup - Life Lines - July 2022