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PEACS service evaluation information sheet for patients

Tavistock logoCan you tell us what you think about the PEACS service?

King’s Health Partners (KHP) Mind & Body Programme, with funding from Impact on Urban Health and in partnership with GP practices in Lambeth, is delivering a new service for people living with chronic pain. They have asked the Tavistock Institute to carry out an evaluation of the service. The Tavistock Institute ( is an independent research institute that does a lot of research around health and community services.

The purpose of the evaluation is to explore the process of delivering this service and understand how it has affected people who have used the service and people working in your local health services.

To understand whether the service is helping you to get the support you need, the evaluation is seeking to involve you in three things:

  1. To fill out an online questionnaire about your thoughts on the PEACS service and if it helped you at the end of your engagement with the service
  2. To allow KHP to share anonymised information of your responses to the PEACS questions for example about your Quality of life as well as your age, gender, and ethnicity.
  3. To agree to speak to one of the evaluation team about your opinions and experiences of the service. This will be through an individual conversation with you and/or part of a group discussion at the end of workshops run by the PEACS service.

For 1 and 2: All information from the online questionnaire and the data from KHP will be anonymised before it is shared with researchers. It will be assigned a code and not contain your name or any contact details so that you cannot be identified by it. We will not share it with any third parties. No person will be identifiable in the reports we write for KHP, the health service or anyone else. You can drop out of the research at any time and your details will not be shared with anyone else.

For 3: Anything you say is strictly confidential and no one will know what you said apart from the research team. We will use direct quotes from you, if possible, but no person will be identifiable in the reports we write for KHP or anyone else. The only exception to confidentiality is if there any concerns that either you or someone else is in serious danger. If possible, we will tell you first but, in this case, we may need to talk to KHP’s safeguarding team.  

You can drop out of the research at any time and your details will not be shared with anyone else.

We really hope that you will be happy to take part in this evaluation so we can understand if the service makes a difference for people and whether anything needs to improve. We have tried as hard as we can to make taking part as convenient as possible for you, with minimal hassle. 

If you would like more information about this evaluation, you can contact Anna Sophie Hahne or someone else at the Tavistock Institute on 02074170407 or email at / .

More Information

What is the online questionnaire about?

The questionnaire contains questions about your experience of the PEACS service, how well supported you feel, and if the service has helped you with several things such as feeling more involved in your community/ies.

What is the interview about?

The questions are not about assessing you, but about the impact that the service has had on everyone involved. The questions will be explained to you before the start of the interview. You do not have to answer or talk about anything you do not want to. With your permission, we will audio record your interviews using an encrypted recorder. We will then transcribe them, removing any identifiable data in the process, before uploading the transcript to a secure server and destroying the audio recording.

Where will the interviews take place?

The interviews are likely to take place over the telephone, or online if you prefer, where we can talk confidentially, at a time that suits you. If you would rather speak to us face-to-face we can also arrange that. We also hope to visit workshops that you may attend and hear different people’s views.

How long will the interview take?

This depends on how much you would like to say, but we expect interviews to take around 30 minutes to an hour. 

Will I be definitely contacted to take part in an interview?

We will send everyone who agrees the link to the online questionnaire, however we will only ask a small number of participants to be interviewed by one of the evaluation team.

What will you be doing with the information I provide you with?

We will analyse the information you provide us to see if taking part in the service has made any difference to how you are feeling and the type of support you are receiving. We will delete your information within 1 year of the evaluation ending.

Why have I been asked to take part?

We are trying to receive online questionnaires from as many people as possible who took part in the service and we are trying to speak to a small number of people over the next two years. We are also talking to GPs and other professionals.

Will what I say be reported back to the local services or support providers?  

No. All of the information you provide us with will be treated in confidence by the evaluation team and not passed on to anyone else.  No-one’s name or details will be used in any reports. For the interviews, the only exception is if you say something that makes us worried that someone may be in danger or is being harmed. We will then have to follow local safeguarding procedures.

How will we use information about you? 

We will need to use information from you for this evaluation. This information will include your contact details to be able to send you the online questionnaire or to arrange an interview with you. We will keep this information separate from any other information about you. People who do not need to know who you are will not be able to see your contact details. Your data will have a code number instead. 

We will keep all information about you safe and secure. Once we have finished the study, we will keep some of the data so we can check the results. We will write our reports in a way that no-one can work out that you took part in the study.

What are your choices about how your information is used?

  • You can stop being part of the study at any time, without giving a reason, but we will keep information about you that we already have. 
  • You can see the information that we hold on you but we won’t be able to change the information.

Where can you find out more about how your information is used?

You can find out more about how we use your information 

  • By asking one of the evaluation team members
  • by sending an email, or 
  • by ringing us on 020 7417 0407

Do I have to take part?

You can decide whether you want to take part or not. It is totally your choice and has no impact on the services being provided to you.

What are the risks and benefits of taking part in the questionnaire?

Sometimes, people can find filling in the questionnaires upsetting if they are feeling distressed. If this is the case, you do not have to continue and can fill them in another time or not at all, if you prefer. The benefits of taking part are that you would be helping us to work out whether a service that is intended to support people is helping them to get the assistance they need, and how it can be improved. People often find the experience interesting and helpful.

What are the benefits and risks of taking part in an interview?

The risks are that, even though we do not want to speak to you about anything you find upsetting if you are feeling vulnerable or low, the questions we ask could be difficult to think about or answer. The evaluation team are experienced at interviewing people about sensitive topics and can change topic as necessary. The benefits are that you would be helping us to understand how effective a service designed to support people that need help is, and how it can be improved. You may also find it helpful to talk about your experiences.

Who are the evaluation team?

The Tavistock Institute is an independent research organisation based in London which has been carrying out research for over 70 years. A lot of this has been around health, mental health and sensitive issues. Our website is and our telephone number is 020 7417 0407. All staff undertaking research have up-to-date DBS checks and are experienced at undertaking research of this kind.

What if I have a complaint about the research or how the interview has been conducted?

If you are unhappy with the research or with the conduct of the researcher, please report these to the evaluation project manager Anna Sophie Hahne via If you would rather not speak to someone at the Tavistock Institute, you can contact Misha Gardner at She is part of the team responsible for commissioning the research and will be able to take up any issues that you have with the relevant parties.

Thank you for taking the time to consider participating.

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