Project overview

Beth is an online platform designed to support easy integration of patient physical and mental healthcare. The IMPHS team were involved in the early stages of the platform's development and use within South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (FT). IMPHS involvement with Beth ended in 2021, when delivery was handed over fully to South London and Maudsley NHS FT.

Here is an overview of the project approach, outcomes and learnings.

The latest video for patients and carers describing the new features of Beth can be watched below: 

You can also read about the project findings further below.

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- Experience of a Health Champion who worked with us on the project.

Project outputs

Community Physical Health Screen 

South London and Maudsley NHS FT is now in the process of reimagining how we assess, intervene, refer and document the physical health needs of our community patients.   

This new community physical health assessment will map to the current inpatient screening tool meaning the information will travel with the patient from inpatient services to community and vice versa. 

Information recorded in both screening tools will appear in Beth with personalised evidence-based information and guidance to improve/maintain the physical health. 

CPA Transformation 

In order for us to support the NHS Long Term Plans commitment for the NHS to transform community mental health services for adult and older adults, Beth is at the core of this transformation at South London and Maudsley NHS FT.   

Information gathered using DIALOG in Beth will inform personalised care plans, allowing the patient to focus on what they most need support with. These care plans will be presented back to the patient on Beth meaning they always have access to their most up to date care plan(s) at anytime, anywhere. 

Next generation Beth 

Currently we are in procurement to develop our next phase of Beth.  We have gathered feedback from our service users, carers and staff to understand what it is they want from a Personal Health Record (PHR) such as Beth. 

Below are the high-level requirements that have been gathered: 

  • Automated sign up 
  • Integration with NHS Login
  • App and web app option
  • Incorporate our CAMHS patients fully
  • Integration with wearable devices and other apps
  • Proxy (shared access) accounts for carers/teachers
  • Sharing letters/documents
  • 2-way activity notifications
  • Improved messaging (batch/individual/switch off)
  • Team level access for non-care coordinating staff
  • Share more information from EHR (MHA details/diagnosis/results etc)
  • Patients recording onto their EHR via PHR
  • Accept/refuse/propose alternative appointment 
  • Ability to show people where they are in their assessment/treatment process
  • Ability to engage and collaborate with ‘waiting list’ patients


For more information about Beth, please contact beth@South London and Maudsley NHS 

This is the link to the external South London and Maudsley NHS FT website with all the information (including videos/leaflets).

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