Digital Technologies

Project overview

This mixed-methods study set out to investigate how adults with SMI utilise digital technologies (e.g., apps, devices, and wearables) to support and self-manage their physical health and wellbeing. (Mixed methods research combines elements of quantitative research and qualitative research in order to answer a research question)

Here is an overview of the project approach, outcomes and learnings.

You can also read about the project findings further below.

I love monitoring myself. I feel good when I’m doing it. But I feel like I’ve got some control and I can feel like I can see where problems are starting to come up or what I’ve done in the past where I could actually do better.

- Julia, service-user.

Project outputs

The IMPHS team recognised the value in sharing the findings from this project widely, and has developed an infographic and lay summary to help other healthcare professionals and providers to understand how the project was delivered.

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List of apps

Part of the study findings highlighted that professionals and service users were unaware of available apps that could support with their physical health and wellbeing. The IMPHS team, alongside two experts by experience, used the findings from the study to identify the most frequently used apps, and have collated a list for professionals and service users to access. View the full list of devices here.

Please note, the IMPHS team do not represent, or recommend any of the app providers listed in this guide. Any issues regarding listed apps should be reviewed with app providers directly.

Academic evaluation

This study was delivered in collaboration with colleagues at the Centre for Implementation Science at King’s College London.

The paper 'Exploring the Use of Digital Interventions by People with Severe Mental Illness to Support Their Physical Health: A Mixed Methods Study' has been published in the Issues in Mental Health Nursing journal. To read it, click here


In November 2022, the IMPHS team delivered a live public webinar to showcase the outcomes and learning from this study. The webinar included guest speakers from the University of East Anglia, as well as experts by experience that had worked with the team to deliver the project. The full webinar can be viewed below:


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