Embracing a culture of wellbeing

King's Health Partners aims to be the best place to work and to promote a culture where wellbeing is embraced by all of its employees.


Our underpinning principles

  • High quality care - healthier, happier and motivated staff will deliver safer and higher quality care
  • Improved productivity - improved staff attendance by reducing sickness absence meaning more staff at work, pulling together and engaging within the organisation to improve patient care and productivity
  • Innovation by staff involvement - encouraging staff to participate in and identify Health and Wellbeing initiatives will create cultural change across King's Health Partners
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles - awareness raising of how staff can look after their own health will encourage them to become strong advocates of healthy lifestyles for our patients
  • Attracting excellence in recruitment - King’s Health Partners investment in our staff Health and Wellbeing will promote us as an employer of choice.

We support current health and wellbeing strategies employed by our partner organisations and build on their collaborative work to share best practice and develop new initiatives.

In April 2018, we ran an event for Mind & Body Champions on staff health and wellbeing. Feedback from this event highlighted the interest in staff health and wellbeing. Our next step, was working with Champions to develop the Mind & Body Health and Wellbeing Toolkit. The toolkit offers all staff working across health and care services a collection of resources all in the one place, that they can use to support the mind and body health and wellbeing of their team. It includes wellbeing tips and ideas for teams, bitesize sessions on a variety of topics that can be independently led by teams, as well as information and links to existing resources for all NHS staff and in particular, King’s Health Partners staff.

The toolkit has been designed for staff to use electronically and can also be printed for practical use. You can find other useful resources on the Staff Health and Wellbeing Resources page.

If you would like to access the toolkit in other formats please contact the Mind & Body team, mindandbody@slam.nhs.uk

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