Value Based Healthcare

King’s Health Partners Value Based Healthcare (VBHC) programme is focused on supporting our partner organisations to deliver excellent and consistent health outcomes whilst protecting our stretched NHS resources. 

We believe that in order to deliver transformational health improvements that are patient-centred, population-based and sustainable we must make the best use of every pound available by continually focusing on value for patients and carers across the full cycle of care. 

We want to improve health for all patients by ensuring that the quality of clinical outcomes and access to care are not affected by deprivation, geography or demographic profile. Value based healthcare will drive quality and sustainability by continually focussing on, and measuring, outcomes that matter to patients and carers alongside understanding the true cost of care.
Prof John Moxham, Clinical Director, King's Health Partners

Value Based Healthcare at King's Health Partners

At King's Health Partners, our goal is to:

  • develop meaningful and consistent patient-centred metrics, based on outcomes defined by patients, service users and carers
  • quantify the potential impact that investment decisions have on our patients, carers, the local health economy and wider society
  • ensure that the mental, physical and psychosocial needs of people are treated as one
  • evaluate and learn from the outcomes that we achieve through research and transparent use of data to reduce variation

We are working with a number of clinical teams across our partnership to redesign pathways of care based on the above principles. 

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Case studies

A number of teams from across our partnership are using Value Based Healthcare methodology to improve the care they provide to our patients and service users. You can find out more about each of them here:

Our growing impact

King's Health Partners are cited as a case study in The UK: Value-based strategy in a changing NHS, as an example of innovation in value through publication of Outcomes Books.

A value driven NHS can only be achieved through the sharing and use of high quality data in an open and transparent way to identify and address variation.
Prof John Moxham, Clinical Director, King's Health Partners

Outcomes Books

Recording and analysing accurate information is essential to understanding the value of what we do. Our Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs) are developing measures to understand value and see where there are variations in quality of care. We are publishing an outcomes book for each CAG, so that readers can see the value of what we do and our progress in patient care, research and education. We are leading the way nationally in this routine collation and publishing of outcomes.