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  • Dr thomas booth (2) listing
    KHPeople, Clinical Neurosciences29 November 2023KHPeople: Dr Thomas Booth

    The consultant neuroradiologist explains what he enjoys about his role, and the importance of strong communication in this digital age.

  • Crsitina khpeople listing
    KHPeople29 November 2023KHPeople: Dr Cristina Dias

    As KHP sets out to launch a Rare Disease Network, Dr Cristina Dias shares her hopes for what the network will be able to achieve.

  • Daniel listing
    KHPeople15 November 2023KHPeople: Daniel Stein

    The Primary Care Network dietician talks about the skills needed to communicate with patients from different backgrounds and experiences.

  • Wendy clark listing
    KHPeople01 November 2023KHPeople: Wendy Clark

    Wendy tells us about the variety of business support enquiries, the importance of learning, and making sure you always have backup options.

  • Jacken waters 590 x 400 listing
    KHPeople18 October 2023KHPeople: Jacken Waters

    The Data Manager shares the most satisfying thing about setting up clinical trials and what keeps her to-do list varied.

  • Andre crawford khpeople 590 x 400 listing
    KHPeople18 October 2023KHPeople: Andre Crawford

    The Learning Technologist explains his interest in the latest tech, and how it helps to keep learning in his rapidly developing field.

  • Dr grainee listing
    KHPeople04 October 2023KHPeople: Prof GrĂ¡inne McAlonan

    The Interim Director of the NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) shares personal reflections on her transformational work.

  • Lisa beaumont listing
    KHPeople04 October 2023KHPeople: Lisa Beaumont

    The KHP Neurosciences patient representative on how helping others going through similar experiences has helped her with her own recovery.

  • Lenna cumberbatch listing
    KHPeople20 September 2023KHPeople: Lenna Cumberbatch

    The patient representative on why she got involved and her experience so far.

  • Vicky speed listing
    KHPeople20 September 2023KHPeople: Victoria Speed

    The Senior Anti-coagulation Pharmacist and Clinical Informatician on how her works makes a difference.

  • Nazia matto listing
    KHPeople06 September 2023KHPeople: Dr Nazia Matto

    The haematology postdoc on a world first in-human trial and what gives her euphoric moments.

  • Sabrina bajwah khpeople listing
    KHPeople06 September 2023KHPeople: Dr Sabrina Bajwah

    Clinical Senior Lecturer, Dr Sabrina Bajwah, explains why she is determined to focus on research opportunities clinical work.

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