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  • Psychosocial needs listing
    News, Mind and Body blog29 November 2023Study explores unmet psychosocial needs

    We find out how a study on the psychosocial needs of people living with long-term conditions led to the co-production of an online platform.

  • Eisconference2023day1 trishevansphotography 38   copy listing
    Mind and Body blog01 November 2023Mind & Body shares learnings with Australia

    Raymond McGrath, Gracie Tredget, and Dr Julie Williams share their reflections from the Evidence & Implementation Summit 2023 in Melbourne.

  • Imparts listing
    Mind and Body blog04 October 2023How the IMPARTS project inspired clinicians to integrate care

    Candice shares how a small pilot project turned into something much bigger, enabling physical health clinicians to ask about mental health.

  • Fitness week listing
    Mind and Body blog20 September 2023Staying fit when you feel low

    Dr Julie Williams speaks about the mental health benefits of exercise and shares some practical tips.

  • Trauma listing
    Mind and Body blog07 June 2023Six reasons to address trauma

    The Addressing Trauma in healthcare episode of the Mind & Body Share and Learn highlighted the impact of trauma-informed care.

  • Katie susser 590x400 listing
    Mind and Body blog28 March 2023Top tips to balance sleep with critical care

    Katie Susser, Critical Care Recovery Nurse Lead, shares her thoughts on the importance of sleep for patients receiving critical care.

  • Mischa 590 x 400 listing
    Mind and Body blog, KHPeople01 March 2023KHPeople: Misha Gardner

    Misha shares her experience leading a new service aiming to improve outcomes for people experiencing chronic pain in Lambeth.

  • Ray mcgrath listing listing
    Mind and Body blog, KHPeople01 February 2023KHPeople: Ray McGrath

    KHP Mind & Body’s Lead Nurse shares his interest in the mind-body connection and the benefits of working in a partnership.

  • Group with cogs listing
    Mind and Body blog, Mind and Body news18 January 2023Prioritising your mental and physical health

    Health and wellbeing resources to support you and your colleagues.

  • Stress awareness listing
    Mind and Body blog02 November 2022Managing your stress

    To mark Stress Awareness Day, KHP is highlighting a range of resources to help you recognise and tackle stress in yourself and others.

  • Group with cogs listing
    Blog, Mind and Body blog19 October 2022Looking after your mental health

    To mark World Mental Health Day, our Mind & Body team and Champions network shared their thoughts on making mental health a priority.

  • Dr sarfraz jeraj listing
    Blog, Mind and Body blog10 August 2022Tackling chronic pain in Lambeth

    Dr Sarfraz Jeraj explains how the KHP PEACS project is aiming to improve outcomes for people experiencing chronic pain.

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