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  • Pharma sciences listing
    News, Value Based Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Sciences29 October 2019The importance of reporting outcomes

    The Pharmaceutical Sciences CAG has recently developed an outcomes scorecard. We reached out to find out how it's helping report outcomes.

  • Rsz science.xbc1a21a2 listing
    News, Pharmaceutical Sciences15 March 2019Progressing early development and translational medicine

    King’s College London has signed a three-year deal with global biopharmaceutical company UCB.

  • Alzheimers trial listing
    News, Mental Health of Older Adults and Dementia, Pharmaceutical Sciences28 February 2019Cannabis-based dementia treatment

    Researchers lead a pioneering new study to help reduce agitation and aggression.

  • Dyu9vlzwsae7mfl listing
    News, Pharmaceutical Sciences14 February 2019There’s a new robot in town…

    A state-of-the-art robot is helping patients at Guy’s Hospital get their medicines quicker.

  • Pills news listing
    News, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiovascular31 January 2019Risks of aspirin

    A new study has found that frequently taking aspirin can lead to an increased risk of major bleeding episodes.

  • Medication pills listing
    Blog, Pharmaceutical Sciences08 January 2019Long read: Why talking a little louder won’t do the job any more

    Between a third and half of all medicines aren’t taken as directed. Professor John Weinman takes a look at how we got here.

  • Medication pills listing
    News, Pharmaceutical Sciences01 November 2018What helps the medicine go down?

    A new centre is launching to help patients better engage with their treatment.

  • Hsj collage listing
    News, Mind and Body news, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Neurosciences, Acute Mental Health06 September 2018Five teams shortlisted for HSJ Awards

    Five teams from across our partnership have been shortlisted in the 2018 Health Service Journal Awards.

  • Siobhan gee listing
    Mind and Body blog, Pharmaceutical Sciences17 May 2018A Mind & Body approach to pharmaceutical healthcare

    Siobhan Gee, explains how taking a mind & body approach to pharmaceutical healthcare can greatly improve patient outcomes.

  • Pre eclampsia listing
    News, Women's Health, Pharmaceutical Sciences12 July 2017Aspirin reduces risk of pre-eclampsia

    Taking a low dose of aspirin can reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia, a King’s College London and King’s College Hospital trial has found.

  • Iop   education   training (43) listing
    News, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychological Medicine and Integrated Care23 February 2017New treatments for depression

    New research has revealed a method of repurposing existing drugs as novel treatments for depression, using laboratory studies of brain cells