Public Health

King's Health Partners are working with local partners to tackle urgent public health challenges.

Public health is one of our biggest challenges. At the root of much of the ill health in south London is a high incidence of smoking, alcohol abuse and obesity. With our health and social care partners, we're developing strategies to tackle these public health priorities.

Our pioneering work in urban public health marks us out as an international leader in meeting these challenges and making a real difference to population health. Delivering public health interventions that tackle inequalities and change behaviour is complex and many health systems have struggled to do it.


Smoking is a major determinant of ill health in our local communities. We are supporting hospitals and community clinics to go smoke free and are committed to helping staff and patients to stop smoking. We provide additional care to help people with mental illness to stop smoking, improving their life experience and expectancy.

We are working to design a clinical care pathway for nicotine-dependent treatment and create a training package for healthcare professionals to support smoking cessation interventions.

Read our Tobacco Strategy.


Up to 30% of hospital admissions and 50% of mental health admissions in south London are alcohol-related. To address this, we have developed a King’s Health Partners Alcohol Strategy. As part of our strategy we will train staff in early identification and intervention in alcohol-related cases.

Read our Alcohol Strategy 


We will train staff from all disciplines to spot the early signs of childhood obesity and work to ensure initiatives are available in the community for those in danger of becoming obese. Our obesity strategy focuses on low income families and those experiencing health inequalities, developing integrated care for obese patients which include access to specialist dietary and psychological healthcare professionals.

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